How To: 5th gen wire tuck - basics

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How To: 5th gen wire tuck - basics

Post by Wing on Fri 15 Apr 2011, 11:03 pm

If Photobucket is down, this entire writeup is hosted at the following site:

What parts you will need / body panels required to be removed based on what you are tucking:

Battery Relocation:
Materials -
10' of 2 gauge wire for power (if fusebox is relocated) 11' if fusebox is still in bay
4' of 2 OR 4 gauge wire for grounds
5' of 2 OR 4 gauge for starter and alternator extensions (if fusebox is relocated) 2' if your shock tower is tucked and fusebox is in bay
(x) amount of lug ring connectors/ butt splices, depends on how you hook up to your battery and if you use a distribution block
shrink wrap / or RUBBER electric tape
regular electric tape

What needs to be removed -
passenger door sill
glove box
back seat
passenger side back seat panels
trunk mat

Driver side shock tower:
Materials -
(dayco) 80210. It's 5/32 i.d. x 6' windshield washer hose. (i got mine from pep boys) for egr solenoid

What panels need to be removed -
IF removing fluid reservoir and relocating relays, remove front bumper and driver-side fender.

Passenger side shock tower:
Materials -

What panels you will need to remove -

Fusebox: (if NOT done with battery relocation)
Materials -
electric tape
ring lugs / butt splices for power and alternator wires
5' 2 gauge wire for battery feed
3' 2 OR 4 gauge wire for alternator

What panels you will need to remove -
glove box

- Would like to also thank Biglegs with his tips for the fusebox relocation that will be included in this write-up

I'll include pictures as I do more

Everything is pretty self explanatory, I've got some step-by-step pictures and will try to keep everything in some sort of order

[SIZE="6"]What you will start with (intake depending)[/SIZE]


[SIZE="6"]Passenger shock tower[/SIZE]

[SIZE="6"]Driver shock tower[/SIZE]Depending on how far you want to go with this - you will have to remove the bumper and driver-side fender






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