***Official 5th gen Roof Rack information***

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***Official 5th gen Roof Rack information***

Post by Press10 on Sun 27 Nov 2011, 4:42 am

*** At this time I only have the information for a YAKIMA brand roof rack I will be researching THULE next ***

if you need to ever look up any other cars measurements for Yakima take a look here. it will also give you recommendations and applications for that car.

Measurements for Yakima Roof Racks

Standard Naked Roof Application

Q clips required: Q85 (2 pairs) 4 clips total.
M4 is measured from the centers of the cross bars. (you will use the M4 measurement in the stretch kit application as well, hence why i had to find the standard setup)

Stretch Kit + Naked Roof Application

Q clips required for stretch kit:
Front: Q85 (1 pair) 2 clips total
Rear: Q86 (1 pair) 2 clips total
the total M4 is measured from the centers of the cross bars (The Q86 clips however will be placed based on the STANDARD measurements and rather than the center of the cross bars, you will base it on the center of the locks... i learned that by watching some how to install stretch kit videos when i first got my rack)

Will be updating this post with more information as i get it written up as well as how to add rack accessories to the crossbars.


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