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Post by Crazy_C on Thu 01 Dec 2011, 8:13 pm

Well as y'all know, I'm now living in Florida and loving the heat, the sun, and the cheap gas!!! Though I've just been walking to work (only 10 minute walk up the road from my apartment) and doing driving in the other half's Golf Cabrio, but I can't be dealing with that, so I had to get my own motor.

I have just paid a deposit on a 2002 Durango SLT. It's the 2WD version with the 4.7L V8. It's completely stock at the moment, got it for an absolute steal at $900, and can't wait to pick it up!! I already have loads of plans for it but some help on what the best bits would be great.

It's 235hp and 300ft-lbs at stock with a 0-60 time of 8.7 seconds. I'm going to aim for about 350hp and a 0-60 time of 7 seconds.

The plans are:

My performance ideas for it, in planned order are:

- dual ram air intake
- 70mm throttle body
- decat + exhaust system
- chip box
- cams

Aesthetic ideas in planned order are:

- black crystal headlamps with HID 6000k bulbs
- black crystal led tail lights
- black window tints
- Ultra 164 wheels
- 4" drop
- satin white vinyl wrap (or matt white respray)
- white and black interior retrim
- body kit (possibly)

Audio plans are:

- Kenwood KIV 700 stereo
- two 12" Kicker L5 subs in custom trunk build
- Kicker ZX1000.1 amp for subs
- two 6.5" Kicker DS65 speakers per door in custom door cards
- Kicker ZX650.4 amp for speakers

Will be a long term project, but it'll be great fun all the way!!!

So yea, that's the plans for the dingo!! When I actually have it I'll post up photos, but these are from the advert

And cos you limeys dunno the wheels, these are the ones I wanna get for it. They're 15" 8J wide.

The lights I'm gonna get:

And for y'all who don't know V8s, this is the dual ram air intake:


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