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Post by Crazy_C on Fri 16 Dec 2011, 7:33 pm

Beth, my missus, and I, have just bought our first car together, and it ain't a bad piece of kit!! For $1500 (£1k) we have a 1996 Chevy Lumina with the L82, 3.1L V6 in it.

It's a FWD luxo barge, but it's a nice motor and shifts really well too for a big ass barge. 160hp and 185ft.lbs of torque.

Plans are quite simple for it:

- stereo upgrade over the factory 1.5din cassette deck
- matt black (or satin black) respray
- 40-60mm drop
- redo the interior in black and red
- suicide doors on the rear doors (ok, not so simple, but the missus wants them and they could be kinda cool!!)

I might redo the speakers too, but dunno on that one as the factory sound system is pretty good!

Here's some photos (apologies for the photo quality, it's dark here and it was taken on iPhone, I'll get better ones in daytime)

Lou the Lumina Aabf704b
Lou the Lumina 6298b9a3

Front bench seat FTW!!!
Lou the Lumina 7967b0f8

And here's the missus posing with the motor. Always a good shot Very Happy
Lou the Lumina Aimimg_15

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