How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!)

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How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!) Empty How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!)

Post by xxfallacyxx on Wed 26 Jan 2011, 9:25 pm

Alright here's the deal. I know that myself and a few others are having some oil leak issues. For myself, it is the oil cooler O-ring. To determine whether or not this may be your problem, jack up your car, start it up and get underneath. Use a flashlight to look up at the oil filter, and the oil cooler (the part which the oil filter screws on to). For me, there is a constant drip coming from between the block and the oil cooler, so it was pretty easy to determine the cause of my problem.

-A quick note before we begin. Using the right tool for the job should be paramount. I can't tell you how many times I've come across friends who have used the wrong tool for the job, and got themselves into deeper shit than they started in. Common mistakes are wrong sized screw drivers, which often lead to stripped screws, or wrong sized sockets, which lead to stripped bolts. Always do yourself a favor and make sure you USE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB

(image originally linked by THEJGB3)
How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!) H22oilpumpstrainer

In the picture, the oil cooler is part #16(base model) #17(type SH). The oil cooler O-ring itself is part #32.

The listed part number @ [URL="[ProductID]=PRELUDE&Label[YearID]=1999&Label[DoorID]=2&Label[GradeID]=BASE&Label[AreaID]=KA&Label[TransmissionID]=5MT&Label[SectionID]=ENGINE&Label[IllustrationGroupID]=OIL+PUMP+-+OIL+STRAINER&ProductID=6&YearID=17&DoorID=1&GradeID=21&AreaID=2&TransmissionID=3&SectionID=1&IllustrationGroupID=2588"]LINK[/URL] is 91316-PT6-003

I purchased mine from Herb Chambers Honda in Seekonk MA. The Honda part number is 91316-PE7-730
How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!) 34537993

Here's how I'm doing it. First and foremost, drain the oil. Your car could use an oil change anyway. Don't argue with me, just drain it. After the flow of oil has stopped, remove the oil filter. This exposes the bolt which you need to remove.

How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!) 1130091406
^Oil Filter (keep in mind gentlemen this is not a BRAND DEBATE, just keep making remarks about my having to stop halfway through this write-up and leave the brands out of it! Very Happy ) You can see the little drip of oil there on the oil cooler itself.

The bolt is a 30mm, and you'll do better with a deep socket. Please, please, please, save yourself the trouble. DO NOT USE ADJUSTABLE WRENCHES ON THIS. It will only strip this bolt and make you cry a little on the inside. Removing the bolt is pretty straightforward, so do it. Lefty loosey righty tighty.

How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!) 1201090942
^Bolt removed

At this point the oil cooler is free, and you can swivel it around a bit.

How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!) 1201091005
^There you can see how much you can move the oil cooler, and where the old O-ring sits.

To remove the old O-Ring, I ended up using a razor, stuck it into the side of the O-ring, and used leverage to pry it out.

How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!) 1201091002
^My old O-ring was very brittle, it snapped coming out

Putting the new O-Ring on: Just like the oil filter O-ring, stick your finger in some oil and lube this baby up. The oil on the O-ring will help it stay in place while you're fiddling around lining up the bolt.

How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring (w/pics!) 1201091003
^New O-ring in and sitting pretty.

At this point, you've got the new O-ring on, and are ready to tighten down the 30mm bolt. If you've got a torque wrench handy, torque the sucker down to 54 lbs-ft. If not, keep in mind you can damage components by over-tightening.

Now that I've finished, tiny bits of rep are appreciated. Take your cheap shots in the rep too, as well as the thread Wink


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