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For Sale Section Rules

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For Sale Section Rules Empty For Sale Section Rules

Post by xxfallacyxx on Tue 08 Feb 2011, 11:12 am

First and foremost.

All threads must adhere to the following rules! Threads that do not will be given 24 hours to be corrected. If they can not be fixed, they will be deleted.

Post requirements for the For Sale section!
10 posts - View the Section
50 posts - Post a reply in thread
100 posts - Post your very own thread!

Rules are as follows:

All For Sale threads must include a price. Even if you're selling the item as strictly OBO, put a price relative to the item's value.

Post the appropriate prefix in all thread titles:

FS: - For Sale
FT: - For Trade
WTB: - Want to Buy
TW: - Testing Waters

Do not post only a link to another site (i.e. CL, ebay, etc etc...) in the thread body. If you're going to sell here, all of your information must be here.

Only create multiple threads if all the items your selling don't fit in one category. This really should not happen ever, but if it does your threads will be combined and you will be left to sort them out. there will be a 48 hour period in which you have to sort out the threads. If you can't, they will be deleted.

Be specific! Details, details, details.

**Please be sure that the item you are selling is legitimate!** We may have to remove your thread and ban you if you are found selling ANY stolen goods. This includes Cell Phones, Clothes, MP3 Players, ECT… in addition to Car Parts. This is to protect the safety and well being of our members.

You must be willing to provide information the perspective buyers over Personal Messages. This includes VINs for engines and transmissions. This is to protect our members from purchasing possibly stolen items. You do not have to post this information publicly.

All Items For Sale/For Trade (including vehicle and shell sales) must include pictures if your selling the item for more than $100. That doesn't mean you can sell the item for $97 and exclude pictures. If you intentionally price an item a few dollars under the picture price limit you will still be required to post pictures. You will also be required to furnish pictures upon request of any item, regardless of value. If you can't take pictures, you're not ready to sell here.

You may bump your sale thread no more than ONCE per day.

And lastly, NO HIJACKING THE THREADS AND STAY ON TOPIC!. If you are not making an insightful post in regards to the item for sale (ether positive or negative) then do not post or make a comment or your posts will be deleted. Failure to follow with this simple guideline will get you banned from using the Classifieds. This includes any nonsense posts like x2 or lol.

If there are any issues within the Sale sections, let the forum staff handle it. You don't have moderation powers, you can't fix it.

Do such transactions at your own risk! The site and staff is not and will not be held responsible for transactions that do not work out or create conflict!

By creating a thread, you agree to abide by the posted rules, and if necessary modify your thread to meet any new rules or regulations imposed after the creation of your thread. To prove that you have read and are willing to abide by the above rules, start you thread with "I have read the for sale section rules." Any for sale thread that does not start with that will be locked, and remain locked until you read the rules and PM a mod. No exceptions.

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